Twenty Things on My Mind Right Now.

1. Senior exams start this week. My senior’s final senior exams as a high school senior.

2. My senior also turns 18 this week. Eight-Freaking-Teen! I can not believe it. I remember…well, let’s just say I’m doing a lot of remembering.

3. Clearly God does this on purpose…all of the other mom’s of seniors I know are saying it’s true. My always helpful, always in a great mood, always smiling, always wanting to please child has turned into the spawn of Satan. I believe it is God’s way to make us WANT to drive them to college and dump them at the door and leave. Yes…I believe that’s His plan.

4. When DID I get this roll of fat on my belly, anyway? I swear it was not there last week.

5. Spending the weekend with your bff’s…priceless.

6. Too much sugar makes me sleepy, lethargic, fatigued and sometimes, downright disagreeable.

7. I like Spring. I hate Summer. I love Fall. Winter is okay.

8. It was fun sitting with a bunch of parent’s of seniors today watching my child get a journalism award during the senior award ceremony. Parent’s that we’ve known since our children were in kindergarten together.

9. It was NOT fun listening to some of the idiot seniors during the award ceremony. You know the type…calling out inappropriate things, thinking the kids around him are laughing WITH him. Unfortunately, he had to sit directly across the aisle from us. Even his friends were telling him to shut up.

10. Seriously, where did all of this fat come from?

11. Only 11 days til school is out for the summer. I’m not ready.

12. Clearly, my kitchen is not going to get painted prior to the graduation party. And strangely enough, I’m okay with it. Now. Maybe not later. But right now I am.

13. Sometimes it’s okay to be snarly…people leave you alone.

14. My daughter really IS the prettiest girl on her volleyball team. I’m not partial or anything. And she smells yummy. And sounds funny. She has a cold.

15. I’ll never begin to understand my God. He puts people into my life that love me unconditionally. No matter what I do or say to push them away.

16. Only eight more days until I get to give this girl a big old hug. In person! I can’t wait!

17. I totally forgot to upload the pictures from the Richmond tournament and at tonight’s volleyball end o’ season party…I so got reamed for it! Guess what I’ll be working on tonight…

18. I need to change things up a bit. I have some ideas.

19. I’ve started picking at my fingernails again. And I hate it. It is a sign of major stress with me. It is time to start pounding the pavement again with my iPod.

20. Where in the heck DID THIS FAT COME FROM????

4 thoughts on “Twenty Things on My Mind Right Now.

  1. I went for a bike ride before dinner last night. Not a stroll of a ride but a leg burning, fast moving bikeride. I only rode about 5 miles, but it was good. Then, I came home and had ice cream. Mission failed.I’m trying to lose a quick 10 pounds so I am not cupcaking over all of shorts when I come see you next week! The fat…wow it is ugly! (Trying to lose a quick ten pounds was a joke btw…) I would have to starve myself, and clearly, with all of the ice cream eating…I have worked up quite an appetite!I can’t wait to meet you my friend.

  2. When you find out where the fat came from-let me know! I’ve got some too. More importantly, if you find out how to get rid of it or send it back from whence it came I want to hear about that.These graduation years are kinda tuff on the mom; it feels like forced retirement from the best job ever. God’s blessings on you and yours.Kathy

  3. you are hilarious! i can’t imagine how those momma emotions are handling it these days.Eight-freaking-teen??!! Holy cow.Where does the time go??Have a great day Susan!hugs,Fran

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