I would so post pics of my Man painting…but I can’t get to the camera. Bummer. But let me just say that he is rocking the house with his painting! He has never been more attractive to me than right now…when the painting is almost done and I can even envision hanging things on the walls! After I paint the trim.

Weird trivia about me…I love to paint trim. I don’t always use tape because I like to do it so much that I take my time and really do a neat job. Sad, but true.

I hate painting walls. Drives me insane. Weird, huh?

Another weird thing about me. I apparently have people fooled into thinking I have it all together. And also that I am very much at ease with myself. Yes…who knew? One of my sweet friends on a board I belong to posted that to me today. I love her. I love all the ladies there. Check it out when you have a moment…

So that’s the big excitement here today. Oh, that and the girl and I went to Ross…Dress for Less. She found tons of shoes and clothes. And bought it all with her own money! That’s the best part, really. And while she was doing that, I went to Joannes Fabrics and the Pet Store and did my own shopping (didn’t buy anything) at Ross. I was going to color my hair…somehow that didn’t get done. But my key lime pies are all done. Tomorrow I’ll whip up some heavy cream to plop on top. Yum.

I hope y’all are having a great Easter Weekend. Check out Beth’s latest post about Easter. It’s a keeper. I’ve printed it out and will mull it over tomorrow and Monday. When I’m back on track with God. I actually pulled out my bible and my journal today. Flipped thru them both a bit. I’m not sure why, but I guess I was pouting and kinda mad at God. I know He can take it, but I’m not sure why I felt that way. Maybe I should ask Him.

Love you guys.

2 thoughts on “Painting…

  1. Hey Girl!I feel like I have missed just about everything. I am at my moms house and my laptop is acting up big time. Finally i decided to check email on my moms laptop and here I am, checking a few of my favorites! (YOU!)Yay for painting!Yay for spring break being almost over. (Ours has just begun!)Yay for Sooz getting her devotion time on!I will check back tomorrow night after we get home. I don’t want to waste precious mom time on the computer!Love you girl and HAPPY EASTER!T

  2. Oh…you are totally funny and completely real and thats why I love you! Just tell God you’re mad or frustrated or whatever…I got tickled when you said…”He can handle it!” 🙂I hope that Sunday morning finds your heart full of Him and joy! The pix below are a hoot!! Oh bless your heart.Hugs~Fran

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