Going for Gold…continued.

After leaving Lucy standing alone in the hallway, I headed down the empty hallway, not really sure where I was going. As I turned a corner, I literally walked straight into The Man. Not knowing if Lucy had followed me down the hall or not, I pulled him around the corner and started to talk to him about what had just happened.

In typical I-don’t-get-this-entire-teenage-girl-thing man fashion, his only comment was, “what’s the big deal? She’ll be fine.”

Sometimes, I could just smack him. He’s not insensitive. Really, he isn’t. He just knows that it will work out. Because it always does. And in that respect, he is correct. He just doesn’t see all the behind-the-scenes action.

After a few minutes, I peeked around the corner and down the hall, full of people by this time, and saw Lucy walking. Over to the side, a group of her teammates were standing. She slowed up a bit as she approached them and they immediately called her over and, with a smile, she joined right into the laughing and body movement that only a group of teenage girls can generate.

I instantly heard, “Susan…when are you going to get it? I AM IN CONTROL. It is MY plan. She is MY girl. You love her. But I created her.”

Their next game, she warmed up, smiling, hitting her jump shots, making kill after kill. And then she sat the bench the entire match. (A match consists of two games to 25 in these tournaments.)

Surprisingly, I wasn’t upset by this. I hadn’t even considered the possibility, but I had gotten the message. He was in control. I wasn’t supposed to worry. He had it. He knew what He was doing. And Lucy…she gave me the questioning, shoulder shrug a few times, but she cheered on her team. And they won. And she joined in the celebrating.

Next match…championship game…

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