Some Volleyball Terminology…

**UPDATED to add: Lucy is NOT a Libero. She is an outside hitter. They are the tall girls along the front net. My girl is not tall…but she CAN jump.

For the hundreds two of you that have asked.

Here is some info on what a Libero is/does. The rules have since been changed for NCAA Women’s and high school ball so that the Libero can actually serve for one and only one of the players she subs in for.

In any case, a Libero is not the same thing as a Barista…another story and you had to be there! (I DO love you, Jill!)

One thought on “Some Volleyball Terminology…

  1. Nope, forever at a volleyball game it will be the barista. You can’t even say the term without thinking it can you?Love you back…


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