In a Word…Ew.

I have put off doing this, but I can no longer.

I don’t know about y’all, but I have a site meter. It tells me all kinds of groovy things, but one of the most interesting (and now disturbing) is that it will tell me if someone came to my blog thru a word search and what those words were.

(Here’s comes the Ew part.)

It never EVER dawned on me that someone would find my blog by searching for the names I have, up until now, used for my children. Not so much names, but descriptions. So that I wouldn’t have to use their real names. I thought they were genius. What I thought was good…there are those out there that use for evil.

So, from now on, when I refer to my children it will be as follows:

Oldest child…his name will be Philip. It’s my dad’s name and I like it.

Middle child…her name will be Lucy. That is the name that I use to call out to her, cheer her on, when she gives me the, “stop calling my name” during a volleyball match. Don’t know where it came from. It just came to be one very long soccer match, several years ago, when she stopped on the field, right in front of me and hollered out, “STOP CALLING MY NAME!!!!” So I did. And I started calling Lucy. She hates it, by the way. Which doesn’t stop me from using it. When needed.

Youngest child…his name will be Caleb. It was the second least disliked name The Man and I came up with behind the name we eventually, a few days after leaving the hospital, decided we both disliked the least. We decided to not risk having a fourth child. What if it was a boy? What would we name him? We couldn’t come up with the other two names until we had left the hospital. Good birth control, this trouble with naming boys.

So…there you have them. Please meet Caleb, Philip & Lucy:

I pray that I never have to discuss or even consider this topic again. Ever.

8 thoughts on “In a Word…Ew.

  1. Hello! I read your blog from time to time…I found it through Joanne Heim’s. I have a blog and use my kids names…but I feel weird about it. Please tell me more about your reasoning. I guess I am so naive. Should I take off their names?


  2. Wow…I just signed up for a site meter…pretty cool stuff. I have wondered who visits my blog…now I will have an idea.I left your blog up while I searched for a site meter…so if yours tells you I was on for a long time…it is because I was! I knew I wanted to leave a comment!Ok…hope your week is going well!Love you-T


  3. Beyond ew. You must feel so violated. I’m really sorry.Good idea about the names.We live in a depraved world and all I can think to do is pray and hold on tight to my little guy…


  4. So will you go back and change all of the posts or just from this point. I’ve thought about doing this, but I shudder at the thought of going back through all of those posts!


  5. Susan,Good grief. I don’t think I’m talented enough on the computer to figure out a site meter, but do I need to make up names for my kids? People gross up numbers? and birth order? Kathy


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