My Man.

Don’t you just love it when a man is wise enough to totally pretend his wife’s most recent mini-temper tantrum never happened?

Wait. You…you don’t have mini-temper tantrums?


Of COURSE I meant hypothetically if some wife, whom I don’t know, out there in the world might ever have had a mini-temper-tantrum, at some point, even though I don’t know her or anything about it, I bet her husband would be totally wise enough to ignore it.

Not that it ever happened.

To me.


4 thoughts on “My Man.

  1. Mini-temper tantrums?Guilty!Usually once a season or so, I fly off the handle about something minor and stomp around and pout and act really mad for no good reason.Then later I feel stupid and don’t want to apologize because I get so sick of being wrong and sinning. It just wears a person down to be human, doesn’t it?And yes, I have the same kind of husband, PRAISE THE LORD. Who never holds a grudge or throws my silly behavior back in my face. He just waits it out, tries to stay out of my way, and then forgets all about it after the face.I’m sure we make up for our bad behavior by being extra sweet later, right?


  2. Ha! Love it! I don’t know ANYONE like that. Not even ONE girl who might even have a mini-temper-tantrum EVERY STINKIN MONTH when it is just about THAT time…nope…she doesn’t exist!Thanks for the smile today!:)Love you!


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