The Long Road to Becoming This Girl…

It’s not a done deal. I’m not complete. Not whole. But, I am also not doing it alone.

During my time with David this morning, God reminded me yet again that I am a work in progress. Many of the trials and sufferings I’ve experienced in my life have arisen from my own doing. Exercising my freedom to make my own decisions. Listening to the voice of The World instead of the Voice that indwells within.

I have paid dearly for those choices.

Yet He continued to reach down and pull me back out of the pit I had dug for myself, stumbled into, fell into, was pushed into, jumped headlong into.

And I praise Him for that. I love Him for that.

The lessons are not over. He has not completed the work He has begun in me and won’t until I am on my face before Him, bathed in His glory. Full. Alive. Complete.

As I go through the trials of this world, I often become overwhelmed. I forget that the Holy Spirit is within me. I allow the world to dictate my actions, my thoughts. Robbing me of the blessings that would be mine on this earth if I only waited. Joyfully. Expectantly.

Today, I am weary. Overwhelmed. Heart broken over the sadness around me. Sometimes unable to recognize the Joy surrounding me. My husband. My children. My family. My dear, sweet friends.

Today, I cry out to Him. Come, Lord Jesus. Come. Complete this good work You have begun.

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