And there is much Joy throughout the land…

Well, at least in our household.

Lucy has a new guy.


Maybe, when he comes to pick her up tonight for a date (my tummy just did a flip at typing that and then I had to say it aloud and then I had to gulp), I’ll really embarrass her by insisting we must have a picture. For my blog. Cuz nothing happens around here that isn’t blog fodder and they all know it.

Before Philip and Lucy left for school this morning, I pulled him aside and loudly discreetly told him to check this PJ kid out today. Philip gave me the knowing nod, put his pointer and middle fingers together, pointed to my eyes and then his eyes and announced, “I’m on it”.

Surprisingly, there was only a slight squeal from the kitchen where Lucy was putting her make-up on/having a bite to eat, so we’re not really sure if she had just received an interesting text message (tm in teenage lingo), poked herself with the mascara wand or if that was her only response to her big brother’s comment.

I can’t wait to get the full report later today!

The first poor soul guy insane enough to be interested in Lucy dared to have his arm around her in the school hallway in a most grievous-to-her-brother-manner and was promptly jacked up against the lockers and formally introduced to the big brother. That poor kid never would look at or speak to The Man or I.

The most interesting part of all of this to me is that The Man and his sister also attended the same high school and, for a couple of years, the same university. The Man could care less about what his sister was doing or with whom.

But messing with his daughter…now THAT is a totally different thing!

3 thoughts on “And there is much Joy throughout the land…

  1. Ooh! Can’t wait to hear what he tells you about this guy… I always liked the initials PJ because they make me think of pajamas. Cozy.Love your son’s finger pointing gesture! That’s what I do sometimes when I play tennis. To psych out my opponent. I’m just playing around, of course. Sorta. 😉Being the mom of teenagers sounds fun!

  2. Good big bro!!! Gotta love it! Also, my son is named PJ…so he must be cool! (Although, if he turns out to be a dud…we’ll forget this comment ever existed!)And the saga in This Girls-girl world continues! Yay!

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