My Brain is in Overdrive…

Keep up, Siestas, if you can.

I finally finished The Fourth Narnia Book. Yay! On to Prince (Caspian, that is).

I’m craving chocolate…oodles and oodles of chocolate. I never crave chocolate. It bodes very ill for my cycle this month.

There is so much death and dying and illness around me, I’m really questioning my God.

And also in the blogging community…a friend said to me the other day, “Why do you allow yourself to get caught up in it…you don’t even know them.” I know what she meant. She wasn’t being callus…she is actually very compassionate and loving. She was wanting me to spare myself the pain, hurt, sadness and tears. But as I told her, “I HAVE to pray for them…they are my Sisters in Christ.” She readily agreed.

Lucy is in NYC and will be home in a few hours. She went up with her marketing class yesterday morning at Oh Dark Thirty. I hadn’t slept at all during the night (don’t tell my friend, Mary…she’ll yell at me to go see the doctor) and so I was awake when she (and her friend who was sleeping over) got up at 3:45..yes…that is a.m., I heard them moving around, straightening their hair, trying on 30 different outfits (and discarding 29 of them because it makes me look FAT) and promptly fell back asleep right before they left, apparently!

But I’ve had regular check-ins.

Photos of the OMG…the cutest pair of shoes! and

This is the Best Day Ev-Er. I got the cutest dress. This day couldn’t get any bet-ter. I had my picture taken with three…THREE!!!!! Abercrombie Models!! (I’m assuming, from the excitement, that it was THREE!!!!! Male Abercrombie Models!!)

God has been speaking to about a number of things lately.

My computer time…it is, shall we say, excessive. The Man told me the other night, “I’m checking you into rehab…you’re addicted.”

It’s true. So God has um challenged me to put Him and only Him first in the morning (He assured me making my coffee first was okay…lol). And that if I know there is something else I’m supposed to be doing…you know…life…then I have to fore go the computer time. It’s been hard, people. Harder than giving up Starbucks! Which I haven’t successfully done. Yet. Harder than giving up

Which leads me to the second thing God has been giving me the Word on. For the longest time I purchased People Magazine. Then my bff, Jen, told me about And I was hooked. Obsessed. Couldn’t get enough of it. I suspected, in the deep darkness of my gut, that it was an issue I needed to deal with. On a number of levels. But I, in true That Girl fashion did what I do best…totally ignored it.

Then, as luckGod would have it, one of the first posts I ever read by a bloggy friend was about her struggle with celebrity magazines and websites. And she is one Godly woman, y’all.

And last, but not least is the dreaded Starbucks. Let me tell you what, Siestas, if God gives you a Word about something and you choose to ignore it…He will insist in ways you don’t even want to know about! With me…it’s called Acid Reflux. Now I’ve read all the info about it and there are a ton of things that can cause heartburn and AR. Tons. One of them is coffee. I eat a ton of the others to and guess what? Only coffee bothers me. That’s right…volcanic type AR with coffee. I know, know, know that it is God saying, “See? I told you to give it up!”

It’s all part of my plan for the New Year. (I refuse to use the “R” word for the changes I’m going to make in the New Year.)

One last, most important thing…

Please say a prayer for my bff, Lori’s brother-in-law, Don. His leukemia has returned. He is in a lot of pain. His prognosis is not good. And we have so been praying for that man. He has a sweet wife and two little darlin’ girls. Please include him and his family and my sweet friend, Lori, in your prayers tonight.

You guys are The Best and I adore you!

5 thoughts on “My Brain is in Overdrive…

  1. Susan – It is such a joy for me to come to visit you to hear your heart even though we don’t know each other in person—it is our hearts we know. Your heart that has good longings. Your heart faces what is going on in the fray. You have a heart that moves out to others in the midst of your own questions. A heart that is simply precious! Have a great weekend. We are at high school HOMECOMING over here…remember those days??PS – I posted a while back Tell Me Your Sorrows, i think that was name of it, when I read a story in the Horse and the Boy that so GRIPPED my soul for a long time that it is God hunting me down.PPS – loved hearing your girl in NYCPPPS – wonder why blogging is so powerful—i think we find people who care long enough to listen and deal with the fray of their heart whereas in my life people are running busily to do next thing or get to next thing—IDK—it’s kind of intrigued me cause I talk to people in my own life like I do here so I’m not hiding but it’s like you have more of a captive audience—OKAY, I JUST LOST EVERYBODY WITH THIS LONG COMMENT…AAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Love you to pieces Susan!

  2. Praying…JoanneP.S. Think I’d be pretty excited about those Ambercrombie models too! PIctures????P.P.S. And, yep, giving up stuff is hard. Romance novels, trashy crime novels…oh, how hard it was to give them up. But after a couple of years, I must say my appetite for them has greatly diminished. Hang in there!

  3. Susan,I feel your pain. It’s hard to stay away from the computer. I was feeling overwhelmed with things that needed to get done and the Lord had to point out to me that He’s given me the time to do them I’ve just used the time to do something else(read blogs!). Doesn’t it make you wonder why human beings take something God blesses us with and turn it into something else altogether?And coffee. I love coffee but it doesn’t love me. I’ve given it up two or three times only to fall back into it and it messes with my body chemistry something fierce. Almost like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde fierce. I’m only allowing myself decaf. And decaf from Starbucks(because I KNOW it has loads of caffeine)only once a week or so…but that’s how I end up drinking the real stuff. Hahaha. I’m laughing at myself because I’m sitting here reading blogs with a cup of coffee!I appreciate your honesty, Susan. It inspires me to keep on the road.Love,Kathy

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