Days Like These.

I really hate days like today. Nothing seems to be “right”. We’re all out of sorts. Spinning on different cycles. Out of step.

You get the picture.


Lack of sleep
Unmet expectations

I had absolutely zero interest in going to Sunday school and Worship today. I am sort of surprised by this. I was the only one up for a couple of hours. I had yummy Christmas Blend coffee. I finished my bible study last night so this morning I started on the first page of my workbook and pulled out all of the highlighted, underlined, and **’d portions and jotted them down in my journal. And it was Good Stuff. And I was filled with understanding and His Rhema.

I found I am really wanting a closer walk with Him. I want to know Him intimately. I want to enter the Holy of Holies and walk so closely with Him that I am stuck to His side like a shadow.

And yet I am human. Selfish by nature. Given the ability to choose my own path. It would be so much easier if I didn’t have a choice at all!

Bev says that she allows life to steal her peace.

I allow self to steal my peace. I get so wrapped up in how this and that impacts ME. I worry about how I feel. I look at other’s and question what I have and what I don’t have. I allow my fear to stop me from doing what I know I need to do, from saying what needs to be said.

Since Joanne posted this, I can’t get Him off my mind. I want Him to come NOW. I’m impatient. I’m anxious for His coming. So much so at times, that I’m missing what is here and now and I’m missing the Him in it.

One of my favorite Travis Cottrell songs is “We Long for You” from his Found album.

We long for You
to gave upon Your glory
to revel in Your love
We long for You

Our hearts and flesh cry out to You
the One we were created for

Come Jesus, Come

3 thoughts on “Days Like These.

  1. Are we related or what? I LOVED your long comment on my post. Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!I loved your talking back to me and it really made me happy!Please pray for my daughter Brooke who was involved in a motorbike accident yesterday that she gets to COME HOME FOR CHRISTMAS!!!

  2. You are a blogging machine these days!I love what you wrote about missing him here and now. I’m so struck this year more than ever that he is Immanuel–God with us, here and now, as we live in what someone I read the other day called “the time between the two advents.”Love ya!Joanne

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