Know and Tell Friday Week #3.

Question 1

What makes you cry?

Some commercials. Animal movies. Stories of joy or pain that my Siestas go through. My children. The thought of The Boy going off to college (he and The Man are saying they might leave me at home when it’s time to take him.)

Question 2

What do you do when you are getting you pap smear done?

I go to “my happy place”.

Question 3

Dream Job

I started college with the intent of becoming a vet. So probably working with animals. Or teaching English Lit. Ministry…I was our Women’s Ministry Director for a couple of years and I loved that. I will probably do that again some year. But working with the women in our church, definitely. My actual job IS in ministry…I’m the assistant to our Pastor and run our church office. Trust me…it’s a ministry!

Bonus Question (Going Deeper…)

What is one thing that you struggle with presently, or struggled with in the past that you hope does not get passed down to your children?

Definitely False Evidence Appearing Real which leads to anxiousness and worry. All things I don’t want my children to pick up from me!

Thanks, Kim!

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  1. I go to my happy place too 🙂 Thanks for participating today, and I agree working for the pastor is definitely a ministry. Blessings to you today and please come back next Friday for my fourth week. I think this is such a fun way to get to know each other. Have a great weekend!!

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