Change is Good.

I crave change, people.

I think it is because I’m totally ADD. I am easily bored. I move from project to project, usually not finishing. I’m not bragging. It’s the truth. Not proud of it. Trying to change it (see?).

I want to change the entire look of my blog. I will be working on that, but probably not til the New Year.

The New Year…

Just typing it thrills me. Scares me. Challenges me.

To change.

Even though I know what I need to do to lose weight and get exercise back in my life, I’m going to check out Weight Watchers. I’ve totally forgotten how to eat well and healthy.

I miss working out every day.

I’ll be rechecking with God on His plans for my outside-the-home job. My REAL job is getting the leftovers. I know that needs to change. And I’m open to His plan for it…change me or change jobs. Those are the options.

I need to simplify my life, my home. We have so much stuff. It’s disgusting, really. I’m re-reading Living Simply.

One unchanging/ever-changing part of my life is Jesus. He is the unchanging part of our relationship. I am the ever-changing part of our relationship. I am so thirsty for His Word. I am so thirsty to learn all I can about Him and how to be more like Him.

Funny…the One I want so much to be like is the One unchanging thing in my life.

Interesting…for a girl who is all about change.

4 thoughts on “Change is Good.

  1. oh my goodness I am ADD so I can relate with you friend!! Also, I love that He doesn’t change yet He is so full of mystery!! Also, thank you for your words on my blog. I am of the same mind that it will all be ok. The man doesn’t see it that way. I sucked my thumb till I was 10 btw!!


  2. Hello,I read this the other day and was interrupted from commenting.I love how you said thet He is unchanging and you are ever-changing. That’s a good thing, that you are ever-changing. Only a foolish person never changes. Change is growth! At least it can be, and I know that is your heart.Great thoughtful post.Sue


  3. Very interesting. I can relate to almost all those things. I too crave change a lot, get bored easily, start projects but don’t always finish, need to loose weight and eat healthy. So glad you stopped by my blog last week and left a comment. I love meeting new bloggers (Especially Christian ones).


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