And really, enough is enough.

I hate food.
All things food I hate.
I ate and I ate and now I hate.
I hate all things food.

But listen to this incredible (remarkable?) song I found on Little Miss Jenny Hope’s Blog. I had to rush right out and purchase the CD because 200 Christmas CD’s is not nearly enough. But this song has been haunting me. I have been loving Kirk Franklin lately. Oh to have a heart like his to lead and worship as he does. Glory!

I have clearly felt God leading me to step out in His name. To step up to the plate. To stretch my arms to the sky and worship Him with Every Fiber of My Being. To stop being afraid. To stop worrying what other’s will think. What other’s will say. Including (especially?) my family. I see so many that need to know Him. Need to know He loves them.

This Beth Moore study on the Tabernacle has really spoken to me (as if her other’s haven’t!). But really…what I thought would be a history lesson on the Tabernacle has turned into a history lesson on me. On being That Girl and becoming This Girl.

I looked at The Man today and wondered if he could see the radiance of God’s glory on my face. Can he tell, just by looking at me, spending several minutes with me, that I am a child of God?

At the grocery store the other day, a woman and her daughter got into line behind me and the first thing the woman did was turn over the magazines so that the provocatively dressed lovelies would be facing the other way. She kept a constant stream of soft, gentle words flowing as she did it and her daughter calmly watched her, obviously having been through this before. I couldn’t help but stare at the woman. Both she and her daughter glowed with His radiance. I knew right away Who they belonged to. I listened to the words she was saying and they were affirming words to her young daughter.

“We don’t need to dress like that.”
“You are beautiful without all of this makeup.”
“I love the lavender dress that YOU wear.”

Just really remarkably calm and matter-of-fact.

One mag she turned over had an even less scantily clad woman on the back and she gave a soft exclamation and slid a house and garden type mag in front of that magazine.

She caught my eye after a minute or two and we smiled warmly at each other and began to discuss Thanksgiving and cooking and Nana’s (her mom and my mom) and how sad that they were far away from us this Thanksgiving.

We had a connection. An instant bond. I knew she was a Christian. But today, when I was doing my journal time and quiet time and BM bible study time, it dawned on me…did she know I was a Christian? Did I have my roots pendant on? Did I have my God’s Glory Radiance going on? I hope so…especially the latter.

And something else. I have felt challenged to be more bold in my faith. To wish everyone a Merry Christmas and not fall into the trap of saying the pc Happy Holidays. I’m not shopping at places that refuse to allow Salvation Army folks out front.

I’m wanting folks to see my God’s Glory Radiance. How about you?

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  1. Though I’ve not seen your face up close and in person…trust me, you shine, and she knew it…as do the rest of us!Why, oh why, can’t I find this song on iTunes? Gotta keep searching…Oh, love me some Kirk Franklin too. Have you heard “Why We Sing”? Go check it out if not.Love ya!Joanne

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