What we Can’t Have…

The five of us, plus The Best Friend, drove to Grave’s Mountain yesterday.

We met My Parents there. They drove up from the Roanoke area.
We had lunch in the Lodge…buffet style…Fried Chicken, salad, zucchini & tomatoes & cheese in oil & vinegar, baked apples, peas, carrots, smashed taters and gravy. Dessert was applesauce cake with caramel frosting, with or without vanilla ice cream. All Oh. So. Yummy.

Following lunch, we drove down to the orchards and picked apples. When I say “we”,

I mean My Dad.

He is not one to sit and do nothing. My Mom and I, however, are. We sat and chatted, and now and then I would wander over and pick some apples with the apple picker pole thingy (yes…a technical term), gently lay the apple in the bushel box and wander back to sit down and catch My Mom up on Life at Our House.
The Man and all the children went horseback riding. First time for our youngest. The Man hasn’t ridden since college. He took a semester elective learning to ride on Tennessee Walkers. But that was a long, long (did I mention LONG?) time ago. The Darlings LOVED it.

But, onto the real story…

Prior to the falling out with The Boyfriend, Lucy shared with me that, while she really LIKED The Boyfriend, she LOVES her brother’s Best Friend.

They have already explored that option and it was nixed by Philip. For a number of reasons. Apparently (and not having brothers, I never knew this) it is MAJOR TABOO to date the sister of a friend. ESPECIALLY…the sister of your Best Friend.
“The Code” is the term I heard used.

The Best Friend actually contemplated dating Lucy on the sly.
When I found out about that, I told Lucy that she needed to come clean with Philip because Best Friend was lying about it to him. Philip is so mature about some things. He picked up the phone, told Best Friend he was on his way over because they had something to discuss. An hour later he came home. Without comment (dang it!). Five minutes later, Best Friend called and told My Girl it was best that they remain Just Friends, the Code and all that. That was the end of it.
Or so everyone (but me) thought. A mother knows Her Girl.

You see, My Girl, being so much like her mother, will NEVER be satisfied and over it until she’s had what she wanted, tasted the forbidden fruit as it were, and then made the decision herself to not want it anymore. Sad, but true.
The Best Friend really isn’t the one for her. And she knows it. She hates how he jumps from girl-to-girl. Always has.

Of course I get it. It’s The Pride thing.

And therein lies the problem. Pride. It leads to our downfall. The bible states that as so, over and over again.

We hate for our children to make the same mistakes that we do, don’t we?
We want to protect them from the pain, the hurt, The Fall.

But I really see this…feel this…is supposed to be A Good Lesson for My Girl.

Let’s review the cast of players, shall we?

My Girl – wants what she can’t have
The Best Friend – of The Boy
The Boyfriend – oh, did I not mention that he has been calling her and trying to get back together with her?
The Homecoming Date. A new character in our little novella. He is gorgeous. Still not the one for her, of course, but gorgeous just the same. And also a friend of The Boy. He, however, asked The Boy for permission prior to asking My Girl to Homecoming.

Where will it all lead?

Who will get the boot?

More importantly, who will get his butt kicked by The Boy (I so see that coming).

Stay tuned…

3 thoughts on “What we Can’t Have…

  1. And this is why your blog is on my blogroll! I SO enjoy reading about your life and the saga of Teenagers! It put a smile on my face today!

  2. Wow, this is getting exciting. I soooo want to go back to being My Girl’s age (Ok, only for about a half hour, really) just so I can feel that feeling again. Am I in love with my husband? Absolutely, yes! But you just can’t ever get back the naivete and thrill that that age can offer you when it comes to guys. Thanks for the update; I look forward to the end of the story.

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