I am Totally Unprepared for This.

“This” being our oldest going into his senior year in high school.
His senior portrait proofs arrived in the mail today and when I opened them, anxiously waiting to see them, the first one I saw was this one:

And then this one:

And I immediately started to cry. The Man, who had already seen them and I BET YOU had already had a good weep over the entire package, gave me the “psycho wife” look and went back to trying to send out an email.

I sat here, blubbering like an idiot, my mouth hung open, head shaking back and forth, repeating over and over, “I’m just not ready for this”, looking over picture after picture, and he’s trying to send out emails!

One would think that after 24 years of wedded bliss, The Man would know what to say. I finally asked him if he had a little cry when he first opened the picture package and he snorted and said, “uh…NO!” I totally do not believe him. He’s worse about this stuff than me.

I do like all of the pics, but I have to say that these two catch the essence of our oldest child the best:

And here is a picture of my father when he was 22 and graduating from Pennsylvania Military College:

He and The Boy look a lot a like.

Oh, and my revenge for the lack of comment/emotion shown by The Man during my mini-breakdown…
The Boy, who is still in Colorado, had Best Bud’s mom call ME…The Mom…to tell me that he was okay and they would be coming into town tomorrow and he’d call then. That’s right…no phone call to The Dad. Just The Mom. I love That Boy.

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