Do You Like Meme?

5 things I want to do before I die:

1) Fulfill God’s purpose for my life after first figuring out (with His Help) exactly what that is
2) Take some classes in creative writing and classical literary works
3) Get down to “that magic number” on the scale. Oh, wait, I threw out the scale.
4) Get my pictures stuff home life organized
5) Travel to England, Scotland and Ireland

5 things I can do:

1) Play the piano and guitar
2) Draw
3) Procrastinate for so long that someone else does it
4) Get the last word in with The Man…only because I am so obscenely tenacious that he eventually gives up (yes, I am totally ashamed of this one)
5) Drive The Man positively, absolutely INSANE (see #4)

5 things I cannot do:

1) Beat The Man in any sport. Accept maybe horseback riding.
2) Stay mad at my children. And believe me…I have tried.
3) Walk up to a group of strangers and just start talking. The Man, on the other hand, has NEVER met a stranger. And he has passed this on to our children. I like that.
4) Read every book I currently have in the house that I claim as “mine”.
5) Get past my “self”.

5 things that make a man The Man attractive to me:

1) A sense of humor is so cliche…but oh, so true
2) Lots of gifts (it’s my Love Language). And before you think anything about that, a “gift” to me can totally be a single daisy (that he picked from our neighbor’s yard). When I say “it’s the thought…I truly mean, it IS the thought that counts).
3) A deep, fast, hard love of Jesus
4) I hate to go to the “eye candy” place, but let’s just say that The Man knows that when he puts on his khaki cargo shorts, work boots and long sleeved, buttoned down work shirt with the sleeves rolled up…OH. MY.
5) A love of fast, hot cars. So sue me.

5 celebrities I crush on:

Okay, I don’t really crush on these guys. But I do think they are attractive. And that’s as far as it goes. The Man reads this, but he already knows….

1) Thomas
2) Cowboy 1
3) Cowboy 2
4) Oh Mr. Darcy
5) 007 x Two

That was fun! If you are reading this…you are TAGGED (that’s how I got roped into this).

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  1. i like your new blog look.i wish i could play the piano.i love #3 under “things I can do”that does NOT work in my house. gosh, I wish it did!i have a good friend from Scotland.

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