To do and to don’t.

Do self-care.
Shower daily or better yet, soak in the tub with epsom salt and a drop or two of your fave essential oil.
I’ve been wearing my hair in a pony tail and today I let it down and gave it a good brushing and shake. Which was a mistake and led me to a don’t.
Don’t cut your own hair.
Unless you are a professional, then cut away. Have someone else cut it for you, even if they aren’t a professional, you will have someone to blame.
Do stop and listen.
As I sat in our bedroom brushing out my mane of blonde and gray, I kept being drawn to the noises I heard outside. Kids laughing and playing. Lawnmowers. Birds. Trash trucks. NORMALCY. And it gave my heart a big chunk of peace and calm. Life is still going on. It may look or feel different in a ton of ways, but I decided today to search out and take note of the ways it is the same.
Do journal.
Even if you aren’t a journal-keeper, think about writing down your thoughts, your worries, and your plans for when this is all over. Write down what you’ve learned during this time of isolation/self-quarantine/social distancing. How will you be different after all of this? Maybe you won’t be different. Maybe you had it all together, all figured out before. I didn’t. I don’t.
Don’t check on the news more than once a day.
Seriously. This is a huge issue for me. I keep peeking at the headlines and then clicking on the headlines and then diving deep into all the bad news. And it is bad. But…
Do search out the good news.
Some Good News was one of the best things I’ve seen in days and he announced he is working on part two and I can’t wait and I hope it is twice as long filled with more good news.
Do go to YouTube and find your favorite artists and see if they are doing or have done a live show from their living room. A ton have and we have loved listening and watching.
Do get creative.
I write. I draw. I paint. I crochet. The drawing and painting I have let go dormant and I am ready to dig back in. I ordered new supplies awhile ago so really I have no excuse. Do whatever it is that fills your creative bucket. I’ve even been thinking I need to pull out one of my guitars and toughen up the fingertips again.
Don’t do perfection.
Says the perfectionist. I’ve been learning over the last ten years to really let go of having everything JUST SO. Yes, make your To Do lists but don’t push yourself to get it all done in a day or in a perfect way.
Do reach out.
Call, text, write actual letters/cards, put signs in your windows, chalk the sidewalks. For yourself and for others.
Add some do’s and don’ts in the comments and stay healthy, wash your hands, and don’t touch your face.

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  1. This is almost a friggin’ list, woman! You’ve learned how to disguise it! Argh! 😛

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