100 Things About This Girl…

I only wear VS jammies…flannel! :: I LOVE TINK! :: I’m addicted to grits, with butter, salt & pepper (been eating it every day for lunch for weeks and weeks) :: I’m a huge procrastinator :: Love coffee with cream and sugar :: not a huge chocolate or sweet lover :: fave colors are eggplant and raspberry :: military brat :: green eyes :: grew two inches when I was 17 :: played volleyball, basketball, softball in high school :: my two oldest children are 11 months + 1 day apart :: my sister is my bestest friend :: I graduated from high school here after living in Izmir, Turkey for two years :: brussel sprouts are my favorite vegetable :: I love music of any kind :: my two boys have brown eyes like their dad:: my daughter has green eyes like me :: I had a pet white rat growing up named Charlie :: P. Buckley Moss is my fave artist :: I’m computer addicted :: I work at our church :: I adore Cracker Barrel and all of our trips are routed to include as many CB’s as we possibly can :: I can’t pass a Chick-fil-a without stopping and getting sweet tea :: I’m apparently addicted to food and sweet tea :: I love Mary Kay cosmetics…used to sell them myself ::

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